There are several good reasons why homeowners should consider humidifiers in Eatonton, GA. Whether they go with a portable humidifier or a whole-house unit, the best humidifier can help counteract the effects of a dry climate, especially when winter comes and furnaces unintentionally dry out the air. You see, a standard furnace pulls air from your home to operate, and this air gets replaced by the cold air outside, which lowers humidity.

Humidifiers in Eatonton, GA

Having dry air can be bad on several fronts. You’ll get a dry throat, dry skin, and watery eyes, among other symptoms. Bacteria and allergens will be floating around your house in greater quantities in the dry heat, and they’ll be more likely to cause a sinus infection. You’ll be shocked by static electricity more often, too.

Humidifiers: What to Know

This is where humidifiers come to the rescue for many homeowners in Eatonton. By adding moisture to the air, they prevent you from getting dry skin and a scratchy throat, and they make it easier in general to breathe and fall asleep. These units can prove to be a great help for those with asthma or allergies.

Here are the main benefits of owning a humidifier:
  • A reduction in energy bills
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • A boost in indoor comfort
  • Protection for wood surfaces

Humidifiers make the air feel warmer, so they allow you to lower your thermostat a few degrees. Every decrease in the set point can help with lowering your monthly energy bill because it won’t force the furnace or heat pump to run as long.

Humidifiers: What to KnowYou’ll compound the savings if you install a humidistat, which lets you program when the humidifier runs. This is similar to how a programmable thermostat lets you create a heating schedule for your furnace or heat pump. You could control the humidifier’s operations with a timer, too.

Many whole-house humidifiers, which are the type that you attach to the return air vent, can lower the amount of pollution that’s emitted. They also help preserve floors, cabinets, and furnishings that are liable to crack and warp from dry air.

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Best Humidifier Installers in Eatonton

Oconee Climate Control has a team of NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians who can set you up with a whole-house humidifier in no time here in Eatonton. We carry the best humidifier brands around. We’ve been around since 2000, and our technicians have satisfied many customers with their high-quality work and friendly, personalized care.

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