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Heat Pumps from Oconee Climate Control

The initial price tag tends to scare customers away from a heat pump system. That is a mistake when you consider how energy-smart this device is. The way a heat pump system operates quickly pays back for itself in energy savings. Rather than relying on fuel for heat, the device uses existing heat energy to provide warmth to the household. The air is cleaner and cheaper to use. Additionally, you are getting a two-for-one with this system. When you consider how much a gas furnace and an air conditioner on their own are worth, the price tag for a heat pump is reasonable.

With a heat pump system, our customers are able to enjoy benefits like zone control. Each room of the household can have its own thermostat. Enjoy quality cooling when you make dinner but have the heater on for when you relax in front of the TV. Save money by not providing temperature control to a used guestroom. Heat pumps don’t require ductwork. That means there isn’t the possibility of energy waste and polluted indoor air quality that duct systems have.

Find Out How Heat Pumps Can Solve Your HVAC Needs

When you are ready to take advantage of the many benefits a heat pump offers, give Oconee Climate Control a call at (706) 484-2653. Our doors have been open for over twenty years. Our technicians are NATE-certified and receive ongoing training in repair, service, and replacement tactics. We are the number one choice for HVAC needs in Eatonton, GA and the surrounding areas.

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