Heat Pump Maintenance in Eatonton, GAAre you weighing the pros and cons of getting heat pump maintenance in Eatonton, GA? You’ll want to lean towards getting a heat pump tune-up if you use it every summer and winter. Experts even advise homeowners to have their system maintained every spring and autumn to prepare for those two seasons when the heat pump sees the most use. What does one have to lose by requesting it?

While there’s the up-front cost of maintenance, it will easily pay for itself in the long run. First, a well-maintained system runs without obstructions or any issues that strain the motor and prevent efficient performance. You’ll get cool air or warm air when you want it, and you won’t see any rise in your energy bill apart from the one you expect when summer and winter hit.

Additionally, you’ll find that your system needs fewer repairs because maintenance had taken care of all the problems inside it before they grew. Whatever repairs that do arise won’t cost much because they’ll be so minor.

Heat Pump Maintenance Experts in Eatonton

A tune-up takes only a couple of hours, and as long as homeowners schedule it before the temperatures become unbearably hot or cold, it shouldn’t take away from indoor comfort. A tune-up includes an inspection of the system along with various tests, such as an airflow test and a start-up check.

The technician could then identify troubles like:
  • Dirt build-up on the evaporator coil
  • Debris build-up in the compressor
  • A leaking refrigerant line
  • Loose or old electrical wiring

Heat Pump Maintenance Experts in EatontonThe heating technician could provide a solution for many of the problems then and there, while other, more extensive projects will require another appointment. The tune-up may continue with a calibration of the thermostat, which enables the device to read temperatures with the utmost accuracy. In the end, you’ll receive a detailed report of what the technician did and, with your approval, would like to do. Of course, there’s no obligation to hire the company for those separate repairs.

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Your Local Heat Pump Tune-Up Team

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