Heat Pump Installation in Greensboro, GAFor quality heat pump installation in the Greensboro, GA, area, you can count on our skilled team at Oconee Climate Control to do the job right. If you’ve had your heat pump for many years and suspect that it may be nearing the end of its productive life, the early part of winter is an excellent time to pull the trigger on investing in heat pump replacement. With the weather outside getting colder each day, heat pumps are having to work harder and harder to provide warmth effectively, and for your household to stay comfortable and save energy, you really need yours to be in good working condition.

Investing in Heat Pump Replacement

Because your heat pump provides heat by utilizing the air outside, the cold weather has a direct effect on the appliance’s ability to consistently keep you warm. As a result, the further the temperature drops, the more important it becomes that your pump is in good enough shape to handle the increased work.

Investing in Heat Pump ReplacementThe good news is, if you’re observant and notice the indicators that your heat pump is nearing the end of its lifespan, you should be able to have it replaced before it costs you a bunch of money, discomfort, and hassle.

  • Heating is ineffective
  • You notice unusual noises
  • Energy bills rising
  • System is operating constantly
  • Blowing cold air

The easiest red flag to notice is that your heat pump may simply not be doing a good job of heating your home. New, strange noises are also a sign that something’s wrong with the heat pump, especially if they’re happening on a regular basis as opposed to just when you start the unit up. When a heat pump is struggling, it also tends to have to work harder and to use up more electricity, which will cause your energy bills to go up.

You also don’t want to ignore it if the pump is operating constantly. Unless it’s below freezing outside, the appliance shouldn’t need to be running all the time just to do its job. Sometimes, these symptoms just mean that your heat pumps need to be repaired, but the only way you’ll know for sure is by bringing in a heating expert for an inspection.

Heat Pump Installation in Greensboro

For more than 20 years, Oconee Climate Control has offered quality heating services to the greater Greensboro area. After a day out at Old Salem Park, we want to help make sure that your heat pump is equipped to warm you up when you get home. We maintain extremely high standards, and our highly experienced technicians are continually trained in the latest industry advancements and technology.

Your comfort is our top priority. Call us up at Oconee Climate Control now, and schedule an appointment today. We also offer heat pump repair and maintenance.

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