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Why a Heater Might Not Turn Off

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Heaters are great for keeping you warm and cozy in the winter months, but there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. When you’re having trouble turning off your heater, your home can get uncomfortably hot, and your utility bills can skyrocket. Several customers in Eatonton, GA, have reached out to Oconee Climate Control for heating repair services because their heaters have been continually running. If this is what you’re experiencing, we’re ready to help you address the issue.

Reasons Why a Heater Will Keep Running

A common reason why a heater won’t turn off is that there’s an issue with the thermostat. A thermostat can fall out of calibration, or it can be damaged in a way that prevents it from communicating with your heater.

The problem could also be caused by the primary controller. This component responds to the thermostat and tells the heating unit when to fire up, continue running, and shut down. It makes sense that if there’s an issue with the primary controller, your heater won’t function properly and may cause your home to get too hot.

Another culprit could be the water checking system if you use hot water to warm your place. If the check valve isn’t working correctly, hot water may continue running through your system, even though the thermostat is signaling that it’s time to stop.

Of course, there could be other factors at play. It’ll be our job to diagnose the situation so that we can prevent things from getting worse. One scenario that you’d want to avoid is when a heater constantly runs and, as a result, gets worn out prematurely.

A Trusted Resource

If you’re having trouble with your heater, you can turn to us for assistance. Oconee Climate Control is a family-owned and -operated company. We have NATE-certified technicians and perform installations, repairs, and maintenance on heating and cooling units. We can definitely take a look at whatever is going on with your heater. Feel free to ask any questions. Call to schedule an appointment.

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