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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

It’s important that your house has the right size air conditioner or else your home won’t be comfortable and you’ll be wasting money. An AC unit that’s too big will turn on and off all the time, reducing its lifespan and costing you a lot of money. A unit too small, on the other hand, will operate all the time since it won’t be able to cool your residence. Here’s how to get the right-sized air conditioner for your property.

Load Calculation

The technician who will install your new air conditioner will perform what’s known as a “load calculation.” This takes into account factors like how big your home is, how much direct sun exposure it gets, your climate, the number of exterior windows, the amount of insulation, the type of home construction, and so on.

The technicians at Oconee Climate Control in Eatonville, GA, perform load calculations before installing a new air conditioner in a customer’s home. This ensures your new AC unit will be the most effective choice for your space and conditions.

Decide Which Air Conditioning Unit to Buy

You’ll have a number of choices for which air conditioner is right for you. The size of the system, measured in BTU, may not be exactly right. However, you’ll be able to find one that’s close enough to be practical. If you have the choice, you should buy a system a bit larger than what you need rather than going smaller.

A little extra power is more beneficial than having too little. This will help your air conditioner to handle days of extreme heat. The maximum size you should look at is 15% more BTUs than what’s required.

Oconee Climate Control installs, maintains, and repairs all types of air conditioning and heating systems. This includes heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, geothermal systems, and packaged systems. We also provide services and equipment for indoor air quality. To find out more about our products and services, give our Eatonville office a call today.

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