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What is Super Cooling?

If you’re an Eatonton homeowner, you might be looking for a way to cool down your home efficiently. Supercooling is one method to keep your family comfortable during warmer months and save money. Supercooling is turning your thermostat down during off-peak energy hours. For financially savvy homeowners, a smart approach such as supercooling can prove to be very effective. Here’s a guide describing supercooling and why you should try it.

What Is Supercooling?

Supercooling is about running your AC at the maximum cool setting when energy costs are low. The energy cost is usually lower in the early morning depending on your city. If you want to supercool your home, you’ll chill it at the start of the day, and this climate will stick around for the hottest part of the day. Supercooling takes advantage of off-peak hours when other customers aren’t consuming as much energy.

Why Supercool?

The primary reason for supercooling is the cost. Many electric companies offer reduced rates during off-peak hours, whereas peak hour rates are quite high. While you can’t bank electricity, you can bank cool air if your home is decently insulated. Supercooling gets the job done at a fraction of the normal cost and might even be more effective because it keeps your home cooler during the hottest part of the day.

Supercooling Tips

Converting your home into a confined space is at the heart of supercooling. First, close all the windows within your home. Then, run your thermostat’s fan and other fans in your home to distribute the cool air evenly. When you have eliminated all pockets of warm air, your home will stay chilled much longer — like a refrigerator. Check with your electric company to see when its off-peak hours are as these times can vary greatly depending on location.

Implementing Supercooling

Supercooling is an effective AC method that will be around for a while. To get started on supercooling your home, contact a professional HVAC service such as Oconee Climate Control in Eatonton, GA, for an AC installation of your choice. We also handle heating maintenance, seasonal tune-ups, and HVAC installation. Please get in touch with us today if any of the above heating and cooling services are enticing to you.

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