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How To Test Indoor Air Quality For Mold

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Most homeowners in Eatonton, GA, are shocked to learn that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Excessive humidity and mold spores are two common indoor air quality problems. If you suspect that your home’s air is filled with mold spores, it’s important to arrange for indoor air quality testing. Here are three ways you can test your home’s air for the presence of mold and mold spores.

1. Look for Visible Mold Growth

Look around your home for visible mold growth. If you can see mold, then your home’s air is contaminated with mold spores. Look on bathroom and laundry room walls and ceilings, under the vanities, plumbing connections, and near faucets, hoses, and windows. These are areas with high levels of moisture and condensation. Also, check your storage areas for visible mold or a musty odor.

2. Evaluate Your Health

Many people are allergic to one or more types of mold. If you’ve noticed eye, nose, and throat irritation, itchiness, unexplained rashes, nasal congestion or a runny nose, sneezing, coughing or headaches, you could have a mold allergy. An allergist can check you for this and determine which types of molds affect you.

3. Arrange for Air and Surface Sample Testing

The foolproof way to know whether or not your home’s air is contaminated by mold is to arrange for surface and air sample testing. Surface testing involves swabbing areas with visible mold. The samples are sent to a laboratory where the mold will be identified for its genus and species. Air sample testing takes several days. It involves placing sticky strips or containers around your home. After several days of exposure, the samples are collected and sent to a lab for analysis.

At Oconee Climate Control, we’re the trusted providers of indoor air quality services in Eatonton. Homeowners also turn to us for reliable heating and cooling maintenance, repair and replacement services. To learn more about testing your home’s air quality for mold, get in touch with us at Oconee Climate Control today.

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