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How is a Forced Air Heating System Different?

The primary difference in a forced air heat unit is the type of equipment you use to heat the air. Forced air heating is not a term that many people are familiar with even if they are likely users of a forced-air heating system.

Forming Forced Heated Air

The types of equipment that heats the air that keeps you warm can be confusing. However, each has an easy explanation as to how they work and produce the much-needed hot air.

  • Gas furnaces provide heated air year around. Natural gas fuels combustion in the furnace’s burner. The heat passes through the heat exchange and the ductwork; you are kept crispy on the coldest of days.
  • Electric furnaces use electricity controlled elements to heat the air. The upside to an electric furnace is that every component is easily replaceable. The downside is that they also require furnace maintenance on a routine basis and are more apt to need replacing after it has aged.
  • Heat pumps suit mild climates. The efficient heat unit draws cold air into the pump and heats it to expel warm air. Heat pumps work with ducts but also are available for homes that are ductless.
  • A coil uses water to create steam that flows through ducts in the form of forced heat. Water is a clean energy that runs through insulated water lines. With regular filter changes and maintenance, hydronic air handlers are energy efficient and provide adequate air quality.

A forced-air heating unit is different in the way it carries and heat air to distribute throughout your home or in a single room. The air travels through ducts and is blow through vents. In some cases, gas is combusted to warm the air, and in others, water shifts to steam. However, the primary concept remains the same.

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