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Are Furnace Tune-Ups Necessary?

The rattling sound coming from the furnace could either be a minor problem or an indication that a severe mishap is looming. Is the heating system circulating dirty air? What about energy efficiency levels? Are they too low? A decent tune-up could address these issues. Don’t overlook the value of an annual inspection. There are more than a few reasons why a tune-up is worth it.

Uncovering Worn and Ages Parts

Homeowners have found themselves stunned to discover how a dirty filter could cause all kinds of chaos inside a furnace. There may also be other mechanisms within the furnace that could benefit from prompt upgrades. A tune-up involves a technician performing a thorough inspection. Uncovering expiring parts and replacing them is part of the deal. If you live around Eatonton, Oconee Climate Control can help you with tune-ups and preventive maintenance services. Don’t let problems with your heater catch you by surprise.

Spending Less on Repairs

Replacing a single worn part won’t be as expensive and replacing several. When changing out a dirty filter, the cost is relatively low. If the dirty filter remains in place, all kinds of problems might arise, including the cracking of the heat exchanger. Replacing the heat exchanger is a costly request, and, if negligence caused the damage, a warranty might not cover the work. Tune-ups can catch a lot of troubles early in the game.

Get the Unit to Run Efficiently

A tune-up, which includes a new filter, upgraded wiring, and cleaner parts, may improve efficiency. There is much less strain on a system when its performance is more efficient. Efficiency can decrease the cost of monthly bills since the unit won’t be drawing more power to run under strain. Remember, the more work required to heat the home, the more expensive everything becomes.

Call us at Oconee Climate Control if you need a tune-up. We specialize in heating and cooling maintenance, repairs, and installations.

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