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5 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Heating System

Homeowners may have more choices than they realize when it comes to installing a new heating system. Before purchasing, consider it wise to look at the features and specs. Buying an energy-efficient system might be best. Here are five reasons why.

Lower Heating Bills

Energy efficiency, by its nature, means you use less fuel to heat a home. With a gas-powered furnace, efficiency could save a homeowner a great deal of money. Less fuel consumption means reduced bills, and the money saved with a more efficient furnace could go towards the cost of installing a new one. Think of how much money someone may save over the life of the furnace.

Reduced Emissions

Excess energy consumption not only wastes money, but it also wastes resources. Today, many homeowners want to be a little “greener” and cut down on their carbon footprint. Improving energy efficiency helps the cause, so why not go with a more efficient heater? See if the furnace comes with an energy star rating revealing its efficiency level.

Deliver the Right Size

An energy-efficient heating system is often the right size for a home. By choosing an appropriately sized heater, homeowners avoid problems with too small or oversized furnaces.

Less Wear and Tear on the Heater

Energy efficiency also means less strain and stress on the system. When a furnace works too hard to heat a home, the parts may experience premature wear and tear. Expect the overall lifespan to decrease when overworked for years and years. Even keeping a dirty filter in the system for too long could cause disastrous problems. One way to ensure an efficient furnace doesn’t deal with problems involves requesting routine service and maintenance.

Residents in and around Eatonton could call Oconee Climate Control for assistance. We handle heating maintenance, installation, and other services.

Better Performance

An energy-efficient system may deliver better airflow through the ducts. That means a home could heat up quicker than would be the case with an inefficient system.

Oconee Climate Control performs heating, cooling, and indoor air quality work. Call today to schedule a visit from one of our NATE-certified technicians.

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