Identifying a Water Damaged Unit in Milledgeville

Water damage to an AC unit is never an enjoyable experience. It may flood, or it could stop working altogether. A new AC unit is the first thing that comes to mind. However, AC maintenance may save you money and energy by inspecting your unit and narrowing down the issues.

Symptoms Of Seepage

The range of issues that may arise ranges from puddles around your air conditioner unit to a full-on catastrophic event, for example, a ceiling or floor collapse. Water damage and AC replacement are rarely covered by homeowners’ insurance unless you have a specific policy.

The primary causes of water damage to your AC unit are:

  • Clogged or broken drain
  • Condensation pump damage
  • Poorly maintained filters
  • Cracked copper lines or drainage pan
  • Insufficient amount of refrigerant
  • The build-up of condensation

Identifying The Issue

Your AC unit may be suffering from one or several of the issues that cause water damage. The issues’ range also depends on how you approach the problems. By identifying the problem first, you may save yourself time and energy if it is a DIY fix. However, you may find you require AC maintenance or replacement by an expert technician.

Fundamental Fixing

You may locate the problem early enough that it does not damage your drywall or floors. If you find a puddle, it is likely you can find the leak yourself. It could be as easy as cleaning up condensation, at worst, replacing drainage pans and removing debris from the AC unit. But, you could also find that the problems lie deeper than you can fix on your own. AC repair is available to relieve you of the stress and also stop the water damage’s journey of destroying parts of your home.

Working Against The Clock

When you find a leak, either purposefully or accidentally, it is possible you have mere hours before it seeps through drywall or drains into your floors, causing damage that is long-lasting.  Personal AC maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning the condensation line regularly – If you do so regularly, you can check the line for leaks and over condensation.
  • Change filter and check refrigerant
  • Keep an eye on drain pans

AC replacement is not cheap, but if the water damage has snuck up on you, it pays off in the long run. Replacing floors and walls reach farther into your pocket. For AC service or replacement, Oconee Climate Control makes the process easy.