Heat Pump Maintenance in Madison, GAHeat pump maintenance in Madison, GA is a good idea for many different reasons, but it largely comes down to saving money and keeping comfortable without the danger of breakdowns. A heat pump tune-up provided that it’s done annually and by an experienced professional from Oconee Climate Control, can give you peace of mind for a long time to come.

Even the newest heat pump will, over time, develop issues that hinder performance, cause problems like short-cycling, and put premature wear on the blower motor. Something as seemingly minor as a clogged air filter or a dirt-covered coil can lead to lukewarm air and an overheating system. All the while, your bills will shoot up just as the quality of performance plummets. Get maintenance, though, and these worries will be no more.

Maintenance can make a noticeable impact on your energy bill as well as save you money on repairs that would have otherwise been unavoidable. And if you ever do need repairs, you’ll find that they’re not the major kinds that cost hundreds of dollars. Better yet, maintenance can keep your warranty valid and so provide a way for those repairs to be covered.

Heat Pump Maintenance Experts

A maintenance visit takes one to two hours of your time, depending on how comprehensive you want the tune-up to be.

Several services are part of even the most basic tune-up.
  • Cleaning of interior components
  • Checking electrical wiring
  • Inspecting the start capacitor
  • Checking for air leaks or refrigerant leaks

The technician can replace minor parts like panels and screws and advise you to get larger repairs at a separate time. They may also lubricate the motor bearing, change the air filter, and test for any obstacles to airflow. The tune-up may additionally involve thermostat calibration. This device, known as the brain of an HVAC system, needs to be calibrated to measure indoor temperatures accurately. Once everything is done, you’ll be handed a report for future reference.

Madison Heat Pump Tune-Up

Heat Pump Maintenance ExpertsYou want a technician who can punctually arrive at your home in Madison and work diligently but without skimping on customer service. That’s what Oconee Climate Control, a family-owned and -operated heating company, has to offer. We’re in Eatonton on Scott Oak Drive close to State Route 44, and we dispatch our experienced technicians to homes across the region. We’ve been around since 2000, and we keep up on heat pump technology. No brand or model is foreign to us.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation, give Oconee Climate Control a call today! We also are experts at heat pump repair and heat pump installation as well