Heat Pump Maintenance in Lake Oconee, GAHeat pump maintenance is critical to maintaining indoor comfort here in Lake Oconee, GA, especially during the summer. A heat pump tune-up in spring can prepare you well for that season, averting any situations that force you to go without cool air for an extended time. What are the exact benefits, though?

Maintenance can first of all keep your system running efficiently. It removes obstacles to airflow, reveals worn-out or unbalanced parts, and ensures that the thermostat turns the heat pump on and off at the appropriate times. As a result, you save money on your monthly bill and don’t have to face common heat pump problems like short-cycling. In the long run, maintenance saves you money by allowing you to put off replacement for years to come. Heat pumps can last a good 20 years, so try and get the most out of it!

Besides that, there’s the fact that most manufacturers’ warranties won’t cover repairs if you’re not having the heat pump maintained. Warranty or not, though, whatever repair needs that arise with a maintained heat pump won’t cost such a great amount.

Lake Oconee’s Best Heat Pump Maintenance Team

A heat pump tune-up may cost Lake Oconee residents a little bit, but it’s hardly a hassle as it takes an hour or two to perform. In the end, homeowners get a detailed report that they can refer to when scheduling future repairs. Most importantly, they achieve the peace of mind of knowing that every nook and cranny of their air handler and compressor has undergone an inspection.

Customers can rest assured that our technicians have taken care of specific tasks.
  • Evaporator and condenser coils have been cleaned
  • Air filter has been cleaned or replaced
  • Motor bearings have been lubricated
  • Refrigerant line has been checked for leaks
  • Electrical connections have been tightened where necessary

Our Heat Pump Tune-Up Experts

Our Heat Pump Tune-Up ExpertsAs a family-owned and -operated company, Oconee Climate Control will treat you to warm, personalized care no matter how many heat pumps you need maintained. We’re located in Eatonton on Scott Oak Drive, parallel to Scott Road, and our neighbors include an electric company and a furniture store. We believe that we’re just as essential to comfortable living as those businesses. Fortunately, you’ll get reasonable rates for professional work.

How professional are we? For starters, our heating technicians are highly experienced and can work on any make or model of a heat pump. We’re also a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and a winner of the 2020 Carrier President’s Award. Opening in 2000, our company can boast an A+ rating with the BBB.

If you’d like to know more about how we handle heat pump maintenance, heat pump repair, or heat pump installation in Lake Oconee, call today!