Heat Pump Maintenance in Greensboro, GAYou can stay cool for a more affordable rate when you request heat pump maintenance in Greensboro, GA. A heat pump tune-up can effectively remove the little mechanical problems that appear and start to wear down the system or hinder its performance. As a result, you won’t need to shell out as much money for repairs as you were prepared to. If you schedule the maintenance visit for the spring, then you can spend the summer with zero worries about the system breaking down when you depend on it most.

By increasing your system’s energy efficiency, maintenance can also save you money right away; some homeowners report a noticeable decrease in their monthly bills. There are long-term savings to consider, too, as heat pumps can reach their full potential (15 to 20 years of life) with annual maintenance. Last but not least, does your system have a warranty to back it up? Check to see if the manufacturer requires maintenance. Chances are that it does.

Heat Pump Maintenance Experts in Greensboro

If you’re wondering just how much a tune-up will involve, this will depend on the company. Some companies may offer different plans, ranging from standard tune-ups to more comprehensive but more costly maintenance visits. This gives homeowners the convenience of choosing the level of protection they want.

Regardless of what you choose, though, you can expect an inspection of your heat pump, both the air handler and the compressor unit outside as well as minor repairs and adjustments.

Our technicians perform various tasks.
  • Replace the air filter
  • Clean the coils and heat exchanger
  • Tighten loose electrical wiring
  • Lubricate the motor bearings

Heat Pump Maintenance Experts in GreensboroOther issues, such as air leaks in the ductwork and refrigerant leaks, may need a separate appointment to be dealt with, and our technician will mention this without forcing you into a quick decision.

Another task that our technicians may perform is thermostat calibration. Thermostats lose their calibration over time and begin to err in reading the indoor temperature, which can lead to the heat pump prematurely starting up or shutting down. Maintenance will also cover airflow testing and a check for a proper start-up.

Professional Heat Pump Tune-Up Company

Established in 2000, Oconee Climate Control can be your source for heat pump maintenance in Greensboro. Though we’re located in Eatonton, we can send out a heating team member quickly enough. Our office is on Scott Oak Drive, parallel to Scott Road, and we’re not far from an electric company and a furniture store. Like them, we provide a truly essential service to homeowners. Being a family-run business, we make sure to treat homeowners like close friends or family members, not as a number.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today! Remember, we also offer heat pump repair and heat pump installation services as well.