Finding the Most Efficient Heating System for Your Home

Heating System in Eatonton, GA

Most people don’t know what it takes to generate heat throughout the house on a very cold day. Heating provides great comfort to you and your loved ones, but it may be running at half of its full capacity. Your home may be consuming a lot of energy to produce a minimum output of heat. That is why finding the most efficient heating system for your home is a task to take seriously before winter comes again.

Most Efficient Types of Heating

The most energy-efficient heating system for your home provides the greatest amount of heating while wasting as little heat and electricity as possible. The most efficient type makes use of heat pumps.

A heat pump works by moving cool air to a warm space using reverse cycle air conditioning. An air-source heat pump captures heated air and removes the heat using a refrigerant and evaporator coil. The pump is designed to capture and remove heat from hot or cool outdoor air.

A geothermal pump captures and removes heat from the soil or a body of water near the home. A vertical loop system is drilled deep underground or underwater. Water or a refrigerant travels through the loop as it captures and releases heat along its route.

Any type of heat pump does not require the use of gas, oil or coal to work, so it does not generate exhaust fumes, greenhouse gases or carbon monoxide that harm the environment. Over time, the most efficient heater reduces a typical household’s waste of energy and becomes more affordable to operate.

Measuring Efficiency

Measuring the efficiency of your heating system is done using several methods. The EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings compare the amount of cooling output by the amount of energy input. A higher rating means a greater level of energy efficiency. An EER rating of 12 or higher is an efficient number, and a SEER rating of 13 or higher is efficient.

Have Oconee Climate Control Install Your New Heater

Finding the right level of efficiency for your heating system is about saving money, reducing waste and saving the environment. We have HVAC experts who understand the varying levels of heating efficiency and know the ideal types of heaters to recommend for your home. At Oconee Climate Control, we provide heating and cooling installations, repairs and maintenance at any time during the summer or winter. Contact Oconee Climate Control in Eatonton to schedule a visit from us today.